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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: 'I sell smoked salmon on top of my day job'

    Andrew Woodhouse feared for his job in corporate events, so developed a business selling his own smoked salmon.

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    Video caption: Brushing: When Amazon packages arrive that you didn't order

    Zoe Kleinman looks at the sneaky way some sellers are trying to boost their products on Amazon.

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    Video caption: Google Africa: 'The fourth industrial revolution is now'

    Africans are realising that they can't take a slow gradual route to moving businesses online.

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    Video caption: Exploding interior design demand in South Africa

    Working from home has meant people are looking to redecorate their surroundings.

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    Video caption: An earthen architecture revival in Senegal

    The architectural heritage of constructing buildings from red clay is seeing a revival in Senegal.